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UPDATE: Lucky Country Recalls ALL Natural Black Licorice

Licorice recalled due to elevated lead levels.

Lucky Country Inc. of Lincolnton, NC is recalling all of its natural black licorice products. This is an extension beyond a previous recall we wrote about.  

Recent analysis of this candy by CDPH determined that the product contained as much as 0.15 parts per million (ppm) of lead.  California considers candies with lead levels in excess of 0.10 ppm to be contaminated. 

Because of this finding, Lucky Country is voluntarily recalling all of its Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Licorice Black (All Natural) from the market. In addition to the 1.5 lb bags, Lucky Country also manufactures this natural black licorice product in 6 oz and 3 lb bags, and in a 1 lb tub.

Consumers in possession of Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Black Licorice candy should discard them immediately.  Pregnant women and parents of children who may have consumed this candy should consult their physician or other health care provider to determine if medical testing is needed.

This recall now extends to California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and Washington State.

Consumers with questions may contact the company at:
  • 828 428-8313, phone
  • Lucky Country Inc.
    3333 Finger Mill Road,
    Lincolnton, NC 28092

53 user comments to “UPDATE: Lucky Country Recalls ALL Natural Black Licorice”

  1. Maxine Rasmusson Says:

    We were recently introduced to Lucky Country Aussie Style soft gourmet licorace, black, while visiting friends in Oregon. We liked it so much we bought many bags to take home to Minnesota. What is the date of this recall? The number on one bag is 817795000005.

    Also, is there any place nearby where we can purchase this item? We shop in Fargo, ND and Grand Forks, ND and, occasionally, the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

    Thank you,
    Maxine Rasmusson

  2. Susan Says:

    Hi, this recall was from August 2008.

  3. Donna Matthews Says:

    I love your licorice, but not black. I’ve never seen licorice come in so many flavors. Could you ell me where in Central Florida I could buy it? I’ve checked walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS Drug stores, Target and have only been able to find the black. Bed, Bath and Beyond is the only place I’ve seen strawberry and that’s where I buy it, but I would love to get the green apple and pineapple as well. Do you still make these flavors and can I order them on line? Please let me know. Thank you

  4. Gwen Butler Says:

    We were recently given a bag of your Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Licorice Black. 98% fat free. Is this the one being recalled? We live in Littleton, Co. Is there some place we can purchase it?

  5. June Says:

    I just bought my first bad of (Aussie Style Black Licorice) and I love it – (Best Black Licorice I Ever Had) – I was searching the computer – to see if more flavors were available – then I see this RECALL?????????????? Before I toss my bag is there a way to determine if this bag has been RECALLED??? Thank you

  6. Bert Hendren Says:

    I just saw you website on my computer and was going to sak about the other flavors available only to see the recall notice.
    I just finished a 1.5 LB bag Which I picked up a few days ago at Costco the experation date is 05/APR/2012, 13:35:48 A2665
    Bar code number 8 17795 00094 4
    Is this some of the recalled product?
    My wife and I both have been eating this candy, Now I am concerned about the lead issue.
    Please inform me ASAP with instructions on what we need to do.
    Thank you very much
    Bert Hendren
    Denver, Colorado

  7. Richard Smith Says:

    Tried your Aussie Style black licorice, delicious! I get my 4 oz bags at the Dollar Store now. Anywhere else in Maryland that sells it? Liike to try the other flavors also.

  8. Jan Kelley Says:

    This black licorice is delicious! I would like to try the other flavors too. Where can I purchase them? I live in Portland Oregon.

  9. Larry Eckert Says:

    I was given a bag of your licorice and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love licorice. I went on line to find where I might purchase more and see that there was a recall. Has the product in the markets been replaced or is it still a health concern?

  10. Lyn Snyder Says:

    I love your licorice . How many flavors are there? I live in Delaware
    . I purchased the strawberry at bj’s. Is there any place else I can find more flavors ? Thank, Lyn

  11. Maureen Says:

    I just purchased for the first time, your black licorace and love it. I got it a dollar tree store, I think,in New Port Richey, Fl. Where can I buy in NY near the Albany Area? Also, I threw the bag away, so have no idea about this recall. I ate the whole small package in just in several days, it was the best I have had.

  12. Jon Says:

    Please note that this recall was about an incident that occurred in September of 2008. Any candy produced or purchased since then is perfectly fine.

  13. Irene Says:

    I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    I purchased this product at costco in Washington State. Is it safe and if so where can I get my hands on the other flavours you have i.e.
    pinneapple and green apple? Do you give out small samples or can I buy in Vancouver? Please respond. We love your product and wish we could purchase it closer to home.

    Thank you
    Irene D

  14. Al K Says:

    Like many of the other consumers who have written responses, I too enjoyed Lucky Country licorice and went online to purchase more to now learn on a recall! I just finished eating a bag 1.5LB. of Black licorice, 22:06:00 09/Dec/2010, Lot. A2384. Do I have something to worry about?

  15. Sam Says:

    From what I have been reading; the recall was in 2008.

  16. Rod Says:

    If I were you (Al K) the only thing I’d be worried about is that empty bag and wondering how I’d let my self run out of this delicious licorice. I’m sure I hid an emergency bag somewhere in the back of the pantry.

  17. Claude Lakey Says:

    I picked up a bag at Costco in Anchorage, Alaska on June 6,2011 and was concerned about the recall ! is there still a recall on this ?. Do you make a Gluten Free Licorice ? It would easy to sub. rice flour for wheat flour . My wife loves it but can not eat it,please let me know. thank you.

  18. Davy Caillat Says:

    I know I ate some of this black licorice in 2008. Please be honest,
    am I going to die?

  19. Alexander McNally Says:

    I recently purchased a bag of your black licorice. After consuming the bagfull I came upon the recall notice. Can you please tell me if this recall is still in effect.

    A. McNally

  20. Trish Says:

    Just bought a 1.5lb bag in Alaska and wondering if this is still a relevant issue I should be worried about?

  21. Carolyn Martinez Says:

    I have been eating about 4 pieces daily for months bought at Costco
    Rohnert Park, Calif. (Black)
    I want more and can not find it. Will it be avalable in the future without the lead?
    Best black licorice I ever ate.
    Sincerely Carolyn

  22. J.M. Patterson Says:

    Family originated Four Corners, Oregon; Happen to work emergency services; really enjoy the marionberry, especially after having a crappy day, “best when refrigerated” … Thx …

  23. Patsy(Holloway)Rios Says:

    I live in South East Texas and the only place I can find this wonderful Black Licorice is either in Houston or at the nearest Cracker Barrel restaurant.Both are miles away…..

  24. Marilyn Sonderman Says:

    I purchased the FANTASTIC black licorice from the dollar Store. In ALL my years of eating licorice, I have NEVER had such a great tasting and soft licorice. I know I’m addicted to it! I buy the 4oz. for one dollar and I have never in my life put a dollar to good use like I do buying this black licorice. Its the best of the best! I live in Iowa.

  25. ken jung Says:

    i have been buying your licorice for some time know.Iwould like to buy several cases in other flavors also.please reply a.s.a.p thank you for your time and a great product.

  26. PATTI MANN Says:

    The recall is over folks! This brand of licorice is far better than any I have ever had. I am a big fan of black myself, and as a child loved licorice flavor so much, I would sneak and eat all the sin-sins my father purchased for himself. I am hoping all my dear friends have taken notice and will give me this brand of licorice for holidays?
    Thank you for this quality of licorice.

  27. em Says:

    Do you have order forms to order from. Love this brand of licorice.
    Thank you.

  28. Wendy K. Says:

    GREAT frickin’ licorice, recall or not.

  29. Penny G Says:

    On Nov 2, 2011 I purchased a 1.5 lb bag of Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Licorice Black at Costco in Sparks, Nevada. The licorice is very good. I have a hard time of only eating 4 to 8 pieces at a time. Is the recall still in effect? Please let me know if I should discard or what? Or where I find more information about the lead level being okay or not in this brand of black licorice!

  30. frances heinowski Says:

    purchased aussie style soft gourmet licorice marionberry flavor, 6 oz. at world market in madison, is AWFULLY BAD TASTING, have to throw it away, please,,,no more marionberry………..

  31. frances heinowski Says:

    purchased aussie style soft gourmet licorice marionberry flavor, 6 oz. at world market in madison, is AWFULLY BAD TASTING, have to throw it away, please,,,no more marionberry………..

  32. jodie richey Says:

    my husband and i just finished a bag in 2 days and then read the recall cuz i was looking where to find more.. this bag is dated 14 APRIL 2013. am i ok? can we get more?

  33. joyce Says:


  34. frank farr Says:

    I live in the 94015 area(Daly City Calif.) I can get your black licorice at a local bed bath and beyond,but where can I get the other flavors? Thank You
    12 Fairmont Dr.
    Daly City Ca. 94015

  35. Priscilla Cook Says:

    My husband and I just finished 4 10.6oz. bags of Aussie style black licorice that he—recieved for Christmas in 2011.exp 4 2013,then Isee a recall because of lead when I get on line to see where we can get a new supply—wow!!! should we be concerned because of the lead??That was the best licorice ever! We hope that the problem has been resolved. where can we buy more? THANK YOU! AUSSIE STYLE LICORICE LOVERS!!

  36. quenop Says:

    found your licorice in my local tj maxx store…………best i’ve ever had

  37. R.B. Says:

    best black licorice I’ve found. Got it at Bed Bath & Beyond in Yuma.

  38. Mary C Says:

    Bought Lucky Country black licorice in BJ’s, a warehouse store in our area.

    Is the recall still in affect? What is the latest news about it?

  39. Linda G. Says:

    Just received a bag of Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Gourmet Black Licorice 97% Fat Free from a friend and read about your recall. Is the bag I just ate on the recall?? It is 10.6 oz. Best before Sept. 29, 2013 , A2999. The bar code is 1779500000. Is this item safe?

    Thank you,
    Linda Gregorovius

  40. terry t Says:

    IS THIS LUCKY COUNTRY LICORICE SAFE??? i bought a 6oz bag in may & june 2013. please let me know… thank you …tt

  41. Jack Says:

    The licorice recall was from four years ago. All their stuff is safe now and has been for at least 2-3 years

  42. Recalls and Alerts: August 10, 2012 « eFoodAlert Says:

    [...] (Lincolnton, NC) recalls Lucky Country  Aussie Style Soft Gourmet All Natural Black Licorice (All packages sizes; Lot A3057), because the candy may contain excessive lead levels. The recalled products were sold [...]

  43. bill Says:

    given all the artificial colors and other chemicals in this licorice, which you guys seem to enjoy ingesting, what’s a little bit of lead?

  44. Garry Williams Says:

    I just purchased a package of black licorice, best before 9 Jan 2014.
    1) Is it still on the recall list?
    2) Are the other flavors OK?
    3) Is the Black Cherry flavor on recall?
    4) If not, where can I buy the Black Cherry flavor in the Denver CO area?

  45. seo linkslist Says:

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  46. mike baker Says:

    Your product is just fine. I and my wife love the black licorice. From all the lead in paint and other products fromas fat back as the 50s and 60s, has not harmed our family.
    I think people are just getting to carried away with ghis. Anyway I hope to see it back on the sheves soon.

  47. christine Says:

    The company either needs to “update” this info, or delete this page! Somewhere here it says “recall was in 2008, Well its 2013 now, and as others, “I got on google to see where I can purchase “other flavors”, and saw this “after “eating a full bag of the 4 oz…
    Please post in BIG Letters ” Does not apply after whatever date this occurred. Geeezzzz already!

  48. Nancy Says:

    Sure hope your “recall” is past. I LOVE black licorice. Aussie-Style is the absolute best. (unless it’s still carrying lead.) I bought a 4oz. package at the Dollar Tree today and had it eaten by the time I got home. I lived in Rhode Island the last time I had Aussie Style licorice and was extremely please to find it here in North Carolina. Thanks. Please let me know if the recall is finished. Nancy

  49. Richard Langlais, Sr Says:

    My wife & I have eaten Aussie-Style Lucky Country traditional Black soft licorice for years. Costco used to be our purchasing store & carried the larger bags Now they do not!! Wal Mart supercenter stores was our next retailer to purchase from. Now, all of a sudden they have discontinued carrying such !!They carried in the 6 0z. bag.This is now March 2014. Where can we purchase your delicious licorice now? We are sure the recall effort is over by now, correct? We live in Prescott Valley, AZ.. Please advise us ASAP.

    Thank You

  50. gina Says:

    We live in Wichita Kansas kroger used to carry it now can’t find it anywhere. Any ideas.

  51. loretta Says:

    o my the best i ever had,is it led free know? loved it,i had a friend bring it to me as a gift,opened it ate the whole bag,the best i ever ate. gotta git more.

  52. Lula M Collins Says:

    Just purchased our first 4oz package of black licorice for stocking stuffer and without a doubt have never eaten better. We love the black and other flavors are okay but not like eating black.

    Hope the recalls did not effect this bag, A3623. Could not find it mentioned, not even the 4 oz size as being recalled, however, I would assume that the making into larger quantities a small bit would have been put into the smaller quantity. PLEASE REPLY, YEA OR NAY. WE WOULD LOVE TO PURCHASE SOME MORE THAT IS NOT IN DANGER OF RECALL.

  53. Abraham Says:

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